About me

Academic life

I am a Mathematics DPhil student supervised by J. Doyne Farmer, François Lafond and Mariano Beguerrisse-Diaz at the University of Oxford.

My PhD thesis focuses on developing a data-driven network model of the labor market to understand the impact of automation on employment. I also work on alternative methods to assess renewable energy generation forecasts and study shock propagation in networks. I was a research intern at the International Monetary Fund, where we studied global financial contagion in multilayer networks.

Before starting my PhD, I did my BSc in Physics at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) 2011-2016. I was a research intern at Imperial College London, where we worked on trade networks, and at Ryerson University, where we studied the robot crawler problem. I also had a taste of the world outside academia when I worked as a data scientist: One summer in Inno-ba and then a few months in Pondera.


When I am not coding, studying or getting my hands dirty with some pen and paper, I love doing sports and enjoy having dinner or drinks with friends and coworkers. Occasionally, I’ll be dancing Salsa on a Friday night.

Football is my favourite sport. I play for the Oxford University’s Futsal team and for the 2nds Football team. I also enjoy a casual table tennis game and organising sport events for Balliol College MCR (I was MCR sport officer 2017-2018 and 2019-2020).

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